A simple, 5-step process, enables educators to get their students rolling!

1. School administration approves implementing the Kindergarten PE Program
2. School (or school system) applies via the All Kids Bike School Application.
3. Donor contributes the funds to the foundation to adopt the school.
4. The Foundation issues electronic training tokens and teachers complete online training.
5. The Foundation ships the program equipment to the school(s). Hundreds of kids learn to ride!

Bringing this program to your school requires a limited time investment and provides maximum impact.

Training, Certification, Curriculum

Learn-To-Ride Bikes, Pedal Conversion Kits

Fully Adjustable Helmets

5 Year Support Program

A $5,000 donation provides a complete Kindergarten PE Program to a school, serving all kindergartners for the next 5 years.

Training & Certification: Training and certification on our online platform include an overview, videos, and quizzes about our Learn-To-Ride curriculum so educators are well-prepared and fully-equipped to teach the program successfully. 

Curriculum: Designed to be taught in 8 integrative lessons, the curriculum begins with the simple goal of teaching a child how to move, balance, and stop while on a two-wheeled balance bike. Midway through the curriculum, the bikes are converted from balance-mode to pedal-mode with the goal of each student pedaling a bike independently. This progressive-based approach aligns with SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards so it can seamlessly be integrated to the educator’s year-long physical education programming.

Bikes: The program includes 24 Strider 14x AKB-Specific Bikes. The one-of-a-kind hybrid design of the Strider 14x AKB-Specific Bike enables children to first develop balance before introducing the pedal conversion kit and pedaling motion. Designed with educators in mind, the Strider 14x AKB-Specific Bike includes no-flat tires, integrated kickstands, and easily adjustable handlebars. The bike fleet also includes one Strider 20″ Bike for teacher instruction.

Pedal Conversion Kits: The program includes 24 Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kits which can be attached to the Strider 14x AKB-Specific Bikes after students become proficient at balancing and are ready to learn the pedaling process.

Helmets: The program includes 24 fully adjustable helmets. The curriculum instructs children on the proper fit of a helmet and reinforces in every lesson the importance of wearing a helmet whenever they ride a bike.

Support: To ensure the success of the Kindergarten PE Program, the Strider Education Foundation provides a five-year support plan to each school so educators can access training and certification, in addition to other inquiries or bike fulfillment needs.

“It’s amazing to see how transformational this experience is for the kids in my classes. I’m not talking about physical skills only; they are gaining tons of physical skills with this program, but I’m seeing emotional and social growth like nothing I have seen in my twenty years of teaching physical education. Kids that have never been on a bicycle before will typically start out feeling frustrated, overwhelmed. As you can imagine, we have some tumbles and stumbles, and you can see the frustration on their faces. What amazes me is not one of those frustrated kids has ever considered giving up. The kids come back to the next class, they get their little helmets on and get right back on the bike, and you can see the determination on their faces. Some of that comes from within, some of that comes from their classmates.”

– Cathi Dallesander, PE Teacher at North Street School, CT


Kindergarten PE Program FAQ’s


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