John Andrus jumping BMX bike in front of large crowd

National Ambassador and StuntDude, John Andrus, Shares His Love For Two Wheels

Written by Susie Marcks on .

A shared passion for creating a happier, healthier future for our youth, is what moves the All Kids Bike movement forward.

National Ambassadors are one of the most powerful forms of support and really drive the mission of getting more kids riding. All Kids Bike and John Andrus first met in November 2019 at an exciting event, where all ELEVEN schools in the Joplin School District were presented the Learn-To-Ride Program. Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce was able to band together with their community to raise the funds needed in just two months.

It became clear, very quickly, that Joplin, Missouri was full of individuals that are passionate about giving kids the opportunity to get active on two wheels. One of those individuals in John Andrus. During the program delivery in Joplin, John, along with other Stunt Dudes members, put on an extraordinary performance. This performance left the bleachers of kiddos in awe, showing them that there are no limitations when it comes to two wheels. John shared with the students just how his job as a Stunt Dude has enabled him to share a  message of hope and peace across the globe. His passion for using bikes as a way of communicating with people and bringing joy left an impact on the students in the room. 


“I love my bike. I get to go all over the world with it. Have you ever heard of Africa? I’ve been to Africa 13 times with my bike. I’ve been to 60 countries with my bike. I take the wheels off and put it in a suitcase. I get to use bikes to share a message of hope and peace with people all over the world. So, you can use bikes for all different applications — you can use it in lots of different ways and it’s so fun.”

-John Andrus at Joplin delivery


Fast-forward to June 2020, John has chosen to join the All Kids Bike movement as a National Ambassador. It’s exciting to have someone who’s passion is to inspire others through the love of bikes. The power of two wheels is truly unbelievable.

“All Kids Bike is an amazing program that brings a healthy and fun activity to the kids. In this era of never-ending distraction by screens, it’s the perfect time to teach kids how fun it is to get outside and bike!” 



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