South Dakota

Learning to ride a bike posed a challenge for David, as it does for so many other children born with Downs syndrome.

From the time David could walk and talk he had the passion for riding, always wanting to “go fast” on his dad’s motorcycle. However, being born with Down syndrome, learning to ride a bike posed a challenge. David’s feet couldn’t reach the pedals of the tricycle his parents had purchased for him, and it seemed like the challenge was too great for him to overcome. As a toddler, David’s parents were beginning to accept that he was just going to be “one of those kids who couldn’t ride a bike.”

This all changed though when David turned four. During a Down syndrome conference in Denver, CO, David had his first taste of riding with a Strider. David immediately took to the bike and started riding like he was a pro.

Through continued participation at other Strider educational events, David had not only the skillset of riding mastered, but also a deep passion for living life on two wheels. Following his mastery of his Strider Bike, David graduated to a pedal bike. He wasn’t content though with just being able to pedal his way around. On his eighth birthday, David was given his first motorcycle and his passion for riding continues to this day!

David smiling
David rides a blue Strider balance bike across a wooden gym floor



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