South Dakota

Unable to balance on the folding bike his parents bought him, Grady gave up in frustration…or so he thought.

Grady’s family bought him a special fold-up bicycle, thinking it would be easier to learn on than most bikes. However, Grady could never quite figure out how to balance without a parent holding onto his bike. Experiencing frustration, he gave up on biking all-together. Or at least he thought he did.

Grady was a student at Rapid City Central, where he a was part of the special education program. Rapid City Central had received several Striders to integrate into their special education programming. The students started riding a couple times a week for several months. Grady was never pressed into riding a pedal bike, his teachers just let him become comfortable with his Strider on his own terms. As he spent more time on his Strider, he developed a greater sense of balance and his riding skills continued to be refined.

At the end of the school year, his dad brought his bicycle from home for Grady to ride again. He took right off! After a little bit of wobbling, he found his bearings very quickly. Grady had graduated almost seamlessly to a pedal bike he had once given up on.

Two bikers, one on an aroange bike and one on a red balance bike, high five on a lakeside path.



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