A portrait of Jay'siah.


South Dakota

Jay’siah has always been active and a little rambunctious, but riding has given him a sense of calmness and concentration.

Jay’siah has always been active and a little rambunctious! It’s not too uncommon for boys to have trouble concentrating on any one specific thing, but he seemed to really struggle at times. He was just too busy running and jumping and doing his own thing.

We started on a Strider early, around 14 months, and he took to walking with the bike right away. Pretty soon he was sitting on the seat more and becoming really comfortable on it. When he was on his bike he seemed to be in his element. It wasn’t long before he was gliding with both feet up and even standing on the footrests.

When Strider came out with the bigger 14x pedal version of the bikes I was a little worried that it would be too much for him. But he asked questions about the brakes, took time to learn the process, and didn’t think twice about the extra weight or the addition of pedals. In the past he would be a little TOO brave, and even reckless trying new things which of course makes made me nervous. But because he could always put both feet on the ground on his Strider when he got going too fast, or needed help on a turn, or was scared, it gave him a ton of confidence. Yes, sometimes he crashes but always gets right back up again. He took to the pedaling almost instantly, but the coolest thing to see was not only the confidence it gave him, but he also seems to have a sense of calmness while riding and his concentration has improved immensely.

Riding has truly changed his life and helped him develop in so many ways. Thank you so much for making such an awesome bike!

Jay'siah, in a blue striped shirt, takes a break from riding his Strider 14X to enjoy an ice cream cone.
A boy riding a Strider 14x balance bike along a dirt trail next to a stream



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