National Ambassador Dr. Andrew Shim Brings Academic Perspective To All Kids Bike Programming

Omaha, Nebraska

Dr. Andrew Shim has been teaching motor behavior and conducting balance research for more than 20 years. He has has published in Sport Performance, Educational Theories, and Physical Therapy peer-reviewed international journals.

At All Kids Bike, we genuinely value our National Ambassadors, as they are one of the most powerful ways we build support to get more kids rolling. National Ambassadors share an unwavering passion and commitment to bringing the benefits of two wheels to children.

Dr. Andrew Shim, Program Director and Professor of Kinesiology & Exercise Science at the College of Saint Mary for both undergraduate and graduate programs, is a great example of a National Ambassador dedicated to making a difference. In 2019, Dr. Shim participated in the All Kids Bike Health & Education Symposium as a panelist discussing the physiology of childhood biking. He makes it clear that he wholeheartedly believes that biking should be a lifelong activity, explaining that increased balance through biking could improve the quality of life, enjoyment, and physical fitness.

On April 13, 2020, the Journal of Motor Behavior published a study conducted by Andrew shim on the benefits of Strider Bikes (the bikes used in the Kindergarten PE Program) concerning balance and coordination in children ages three to five. This research has only proven that children’s balance and functional fitness do improve when using a balance bike.

Studies that have been performed by either my students or myself over the past several years on bicycling and children have made a profound influence on supporting this initiative. Furthering studies on how bicycling creates a positive impact towards improving fitness levels and healthy lifestyles will be instrumental for future generations.

– All Kids Bike National Ambassador Dr. Andrew Shim

Andrew Shim’s commitment to getting kids on the right track toward a healthy lifestyle by introducing them to the fun and excitement of riding a bike is nothing short of impressive. The impact of his research and support will play a vital role in the future of children, their health, and their happiness.



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