National Ambassador Kameron Amstutz holding a blue Strider 14x balance bike

Peace, Love, Happiness Riding On Two-Wheels For The Kids!

Nashville, Tennessee

If anyone understands the benefits of being on two wheels it is motorcyclists. All Kids Bike National Ambassador Kameron Amstutz is proving that in Nashville, TN.

If anyone understands the benefits of being on two wheels it is motorcyclists. When you are on two wheels the world around you opens up, the little worries of the day seem to drift away; you are fully embraced in the now, focused on the moment, the fun and sensations the ride is bringing you. With this in mind, it is no surprise motorcyclists want to ensure kids experience the benefits of two wheels.

There is a group of motorcyclists in the Nashville, Tennessee area that are on a mission to do just that: introduce kids to the passion of two-wheel fun!

“All Kids Bike is a great organization where we can help get kindergartners on bicycles through their PE classroom. We have our eyes on 17 schools in the local area here and during our Peace, Love, Happiness [Charity Motorcycle Ride] in October we were able to get two schools funded. Warner Elementary and Amqui right here in Nashville, Tennessee,” Kameron Amstutz, owner of Music City Indian Motorcycle and ride organizer for Peace, Love, Happiness Nashville stated in a social media post. All Kids Bike isn’t the only organization Peace, Love, Happiness aims to support, they also support the Fallen Officers of TN, which raises money to support families of fallen police officers. On the 2019 ride they were able to raise over $45,000 to support both organizations. These fundraising efforts culminated with the Peace, Love, Happiness Charity Motorcycle Ride where participants spent three days on scenic, guided motorcycles rides, lavish meals, and daily entertainment.

The Peace, Love, Happiness Ride is on a mission to explore ways to bring peace, overcome conflict by bringing love, and encourage happiness for all. Peace, Love, Happiness Charity is bringing their namesake to fruition for hundreds of Nashville kindergartners through their generous donation to All Kids Bike.

These are not the first schools for Kameron Amstutz and Music City Indian Motorcycle to support with the All Kids Bike program. Back in September, the motorcycle dealership funded Bellshire Elementary School and Kameron is passionate about getting more Nashville kindergartners rolling. “There are 17 schools in this [Metro Nashville Public School] district, and we plan on funding them all,” Amstutz stated on social media.

We love the enthusiasm Kameron and the Peace, Love, Happiness Charity Motorcycle Ride supporters share in getting more kids on two wheels. We are excited to see their progress toward funding more schools in their community.

If you are interested in getting your company involved in funding a school in your community, reach out to one of our All Kids Bike staff today to get started. It’s easier than you might think, and the benefits will impact these kindergartners for a lifetime!

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