Tari Phares

Black Hawk Elementary, South Dakota

This South Dakota PE teacher talks about the ease of implementation of the All Kids Bike program.

“I heard about the Strider Education program at a Physical Education Conference. The curriculum is very easy to follow, step by step. I think confidence builds each day, and they go a little bit faster, they try a few more things that are a little more risky and just learn that there’s a lot of things they can do with that bike. If I was speaking to a PE teacher that was thinking about doing Striders in their physical education class, I would tell them to go ahead and just go for it. It’s really easy to implement, it’ll be fun, it’ll light a fire under you because it’s something different and new. A new way to teach PE; I think it’s the new wave of what we should be doing with fitness and wellness, and outdoor education and that kind of stuff. It fits. It’s a good fit with what we do.”

– Tari Phares, PE Teacher, Black Hawk Elementary School

Black Hawk Elementary physical educatoin teach Tari Phares
A group of children zip around outside on bright yellow Strider 14x balance bikes
A group of children sit on Strider 14x balance bikes inside the gymnasium at Black Hawk Elementary School



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