All Kids Bike director of development Wayne Lilly shows off a race medal while standing on the beach

Wayne Lilly

Director of Development

Wayne joined the team in January 2018. Wayne helps to connect funding partners with the transformational impact that children find through having a Kindergarten PE Program in their very own school.

My first bike was a blue and gold Huffy.. I still have it!

My favorite part of my job is sharing in the “ah-ha” moments when an All Kids Bike Partner realizes the lifetime impact they are making in a child’s all around well-being by helping to make the Kindergarten PE Program a reality for them, no matter a child’s circumstance in life.

When is a time you felt most confident?
Playing sports.

What’s something silly you’re afraid of?
Polka dots.

What’s your go to karaoke song?
“Country Roads” by John Denver.

What’s a hidden talent you have that not many people know?
Mango peeling.

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