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Corey Martinez poses outside on his bike.

Corey Martinez

BMX Rider I X Games Gold Medalist

Corey was inspired to be a BMX rider after receiving a bike for his birthday as a child and tearing up the ditches in his neighborhood. He’s now an X Games Gold Medalist and 3x NORA Cup Street rider of the year.

We met Corey in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 2020 as he explored his mountain biking skills in the first All Kids Bike All-Star Week alongside many other athletes and National Ambassadors. Here, he experienced the All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Program in action and soon after chose to become a National Ambassador for All Kids Bike.

“Bike riding saved my life, so I might as well try and guide these kids into getting on bikes at an early age so they can stay safe and be directed in a positive way.”