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  • Girl on bike in gym classroom
  • PE teacher instructing how to ride a bike in kindergarten PE class
  • Kindergarten boy riding a bike in PE class

Bike riding is a key developmental milestone for children

We’re on a mission to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in kindergarten PE class.


  • Bike riding gets kids off screens and engaged with other kids
  • The All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Learn-to-Ride Program helps students develop physically and mentally, gives them greater confidence, reduces stress, and provides better focus
  • Being active is the best medicine to counteract obesity and other diseases associated with being overweight


Only 1-in-4 kids will ride a bike this year.

(Washington Post, 2019)

29% increase in anxiety problems and a 27% increase in depression for children ages 0-17.

(National Survey of Children’s Health, 2022)

Rate of childhood obesity among kids ages 2-19 increased to 22.4% in 2020.

(Renew Bariatrics)

Children spent on average between 5-8 hours on digital devices per day from 2019-2021.

(Common Sense Media)

All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Learn-to-Ride  Program

Thanks to generous donors, All Kids Bike equips schools with everything needed to get their students rolling!

The Kindergarten PE Program Learn-to-Ride is a complete fleet of 24 bikes, helmets, pedal kits, and storage rolling racks for $9,000

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Training, Certification, & Curriculum

An icon showing a 14 inch balance bike and pedal kit

Complete Fleet of Learn-to-Ride Equipment

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Fully Adjustable Helmets

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Two Metal Storage Rolling Racks

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Ongoing Support

National Impact

The All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Learn-to-Ride  Program is actively taught in all 50 states serving more than 100,000 students per year.

Check out the map to see where we are—and where we’re going.


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Schools Teaching Kids to Ride


Students Learning to Ride This Year


Students Learning to Ride In The Next 10 Years