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Referring to the first day of pedaling, “That was the most rewarding day of my career so far!! I am so blessed to be a part of this program! The excitement from those kids was awesome and brought some tears.”

Ann Geisler
PE Teacher with Jones County School – Murdo, SD

“We just finished up our bike program at Northridge. What a great success. In my teaching career of 26 years, I would have to say that this has been the most rewarding unit I have ever taught! Thank you for the opportunity!”

Sherry Berreth
PE Teacher with Northridge Elementary School – Bismarck, ND

“I was thrilled with the program, and very impressed with the curriculum. Starting something as different as bike riding without watching anyone else do it with students was intimidating, but your videos and written lesson plans nailed the learning progressions.”

Kathy Jones
PE Teacher with Woodside Elementary – Woodside, CA

“Thanks to the All Kids Bike Program, our school will be one step closer to providing our kindergarten students with equitable access to the childhood rite of passage of riding a bike. The majority of our students do not have bikes at home, so given the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike at school students will develop physically and mentally, giving them greater self-confidence. This physical exercise will also provide an excellent alternative for our students to reduce stress resulting in better focus and positively impacting their academic performance.”

Jennifer Busch-Dixner
Community Focus Teacher with Gardner International Magnet School – Lansing, MI

“I loved being a pilot school for our district. I get to teach not only students but other teachers and encourage them to go for it at their school. Biking is a necessary life skill for a confident, health filled future where activity is valued and accessed. We get to provide such a service to our families to help their child with this milestone. The equipment is perfectly sized and makes teaching and learning fun.”

Anne Sluder
PE Teacher with Ballantyne Elementary School – Charlotte, NC

“Starting this program has been a huge confidence booster for our kids! They went from being a bit nervous on the bikes to shredding around with the most confidence! I get asked every day by more than one student if they are going to get to ride today. We are in the middle of winter and all they want to do is ride!! When you see 25 kids riding on a bike at the same time, it leaves you almost speechless. To try and describe it, you can’t even put into words, just enjoyable.”

Eric Sharp
Teacher with Frontier School of Innovation – Kansas City, MO

“The All Kids Bike program has been one of my favorite additions to our P.E. program. The kids absolutely love getting on the bikes and so many kids have now had biking experiences who, otherwise, had not or would not have had the opportunity to learn to ride. Joy, confidence, and grit. You can’t beat those experiences and lessons being learned at school. Many parents have also expressed their appreciation for their children having biking opportunities at school.”

Connie Jander
PE Teacher with Old Bonhomme Elementary – St. Louis, MO

“This is the first year for Line Creek and the bike program. It was a huge success with the students and families. I have had wonderful emails from parents about the program. It was amazing to watch students gain the confidence to ride a bike with and without pedals. The joy and pride the students gain from riding a bike really is priceless. I love the curriculum; it is very easy to use!”

Amy Happy
PE Teacher with Line Creek Elementary – Kansas City, MO

“Seven Rivers Christian School is very grateful for the All Kids Bike Program. The students had great success with it. This has also been an excellent addition to our PE Curriculum. Most of our students did not know how to ride a bike when we started the program. It was so much fun teaching and watching our students learn how to balance while transitioning from the balance pedals to regular pedals. Their faces just lit up as they gained confidence and started pedaling on their own. The parents were amazed with the program and so grateful. They couldn’t believe their students are now able to ride a bike. Some of the families mentioned that they even started riding bikes as a family.”

Debbie Simonson
PE Teacher with Seven Rivers Christian School – Lecanto, FL

“The All Kids Bike program has allowed us to expose our students to new and unique skills that many of them would not experience otherwise. The program has also bridged the gap of understanding of lifelong physical activity and its inherent health benefits for our younger students. The Strider bikes and step by step instructional methods have provided a sense of security to our more timid riders. It has been a pleasure to watch the children develop more confidence in their balance and riding abilities.”

Amanda Pruitt
PE Teacher with Vineland Elementary – De Soto, MO

“The first week of this program I had kids crying because they were scared. I also had kids walking slowly with their bike repeating mantras like “I can do this” and “Look I’m doing it.” By the second week, I had zero kids crying and all kids have improved their balance and most importantly their confidence. The kids are so excited for PE and bike time.

I am truly enjoying watching my kids grow in not ONLY their physical skills, but their emotional and social skills as well. They come into the gym eager to help their fellow classmates put on their helmets, so they can get going. They are becoming more confident each week. The confidence building is by far my favorite part. This is the longest unit we have ever had and it’s refreshing and new. I am so glad that Liberty Oaks is a part of the All Kids Bike Program.”

Denise Steenstra
PE Teacher with Liberty Oaks Elementary, Kansas City, MO

“We are so grateful to bring bicycles into the school physical education program! Our students absolutely love the bikes and it is amazing how many, who have never been on a bike, caught on to balancing and then pedaling due to the Strider bikes! Even some of our physically challenged students in our district Autism program are learning how to ride a bike! Students are incredibly excited, engaged and motivated. I highly recommend this program!”

Cynthia Spurgeon
Principal with Cedar Springs Elementary – House Springs, MO

“Last year was the first year we started the program and the kids loved it. They were so excited to ride the bikes. The program has not only given them confidence when they conquer a skill but also the excitement of knowing they can now ride a bike. The AKB Program has been a great tool in keeping the kids moving while having fun. Almost all of the students want to know if they can take the bikes home with them! My hope for the future is that more and more schools will be able to enjoy this program as much as we have here at Statham Elementary!!!”

Jennifer Poole
PE Teacher with Statham Elementary – Statham, GA