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All Abilities Bike
Inclusive Learn-to-Ride Program

Staying true to our mission, we want to teach ALL ages and abilities the life-enhancing skill of how to ride a bike!


  • Check out more information about the program on our All Abilities Bike  Inclusive Learn-to-Ride Executive Summary

  • Organization applies for the All Abilities Bike Inclusive Learn-to-Ride Program.

  • Donor contributes funds or organization purchases program outright.

  • All Abilities Bike grants coach online access to training for program certification (training takes approximately 90 minutes to complete) and program is shipped out.

  • Participants start off in lessons 1 through 5 learning how to walk, balance, and stride. 

  • Coach converts bikes to pedal mode and participants learn how to pedal in lessons 6 through 8. 

Young adult on large balance bike

Inclusive Learn-to-Ride Program

The ability to ride a bike enhances independence, improves balance and motor skills, allows for inclusion and social interaction, and boosts self-esteem and confidence.

The All Abilities Bike Inclusive Learn-to-Ride Program is a complete fleet of 8 bikes, helmets, and pedal kits for $4,000

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Teacher Training & Curriculum Certification

Complete Fleet of Learn-to-Ride

8 Fully Adjustable Helmets

Program Support

“All Abilities Bike Inclusive Learn-to-Ride Program has been such an amazing experience for my Autistic students. It has given them the opportunity to learn a lifetime skill that they can participate in with their families, neighbors, and friends.  

Sharing video’s with parents who never thought they would see their child ride a bike is priceless.  This program has given my students more confidence in themselves and has provided an outlet for exercise and play with their families and peers.  I can’t say enough about this program and am excited to continue it for years to come.

I started with about 40 kids in the program who did not know how to ride a bike, by May, I had almost 25 kids riding on pedals!!! It was awesome!! THANK YOU!!” 

– Erika Seaman, Exton Elementary School Adapted PE Teacher