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Damian Fulton

BMX Artist | Creator of Radical Rick

Damian grew up in Orange County, L.A., and spent a load of time as a kid on the beach. “It was a special place – elusive in a way- my friends and I would spend whole days down there, and get sunburned and salt-encrusted, hack our way back home on our bikes through the traffic and Mexican gangs and then repeat it the next day; it represented freedom.” He loved the whole scene – “there was a real vibe then; the beach was where the hot rodders, bikers and hippies all got together, and of course the surfers – they got the hottest girls.” He went to California State University Fullerton to study art, but found the traditional courses tedious and worked off his frustrations goofing around on a single-speed BMX on Newport Beach. After graduating Damian got involved creating posters for various surf events, created comic strips for surf publications, and then “I got involved directing a bunch of commercials for a toy company that had licensed the classic Disney characters… working with some old Disney artists creating hand-drawn animation.” Whilst working non-stop for clients, and during a stint at Marvel Comics, Damian was creating his own art, a reflection of his experience of Southern California – a mix of intense urbanization and the freedom of beach and surf. He held his first solo show at Gasoline Gallery and never looked back.