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Daniel Heller

Strength & Conditioning Coach | Mountain Bike Coach

Bikes have been one of the primary foundations of who Daniel is today; the escape to nature with his parents when he was a child, or waking up to a new mountain bike when he woke up in the hospital room when he came out of surgery. His first job taught him the importance of taking pride in the work we do for others and always be accountable for that work. As a high school junior, Daniel had the opportunity to guide underprivileged kids on a mountain bike ride in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. In 2014, he assisted in the creation of a middle and high school mountain bike team on Mercer Island, Washington, that now races in the Washington Student Cycling League. In 2016 he was able to attend the University of Edinburgh, where he completed his master’s dissertation on improving start performance for cyclists. In 2020, Daniel finds himself immersed in the mountain bike community of the Pacific Northwest, having a positive impact on younger generations of cyclists.

Daniel attributes his 38 years of existence, first job, community service, undergrad and graduate degrees, coaching, consulting, and teaching to bikes.