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Dave Cullinan poses outdoors in cycling gear against a stormy sky.

Dave Cullinan

World Champion Mountain Biker

In the early ’80s, Dave, affectionately called “Cully,” started racing BMX and quickly became a top contender in the international race world. Cully turned to mountain biking in the ’90s, bringing his BMX style to dual slalom and downhill racing where he became the 1992 downhill World Champion. In 1994, Cully started to feel considerable chest pain during an early season race, sending him to a specialist and quickly into open-heart surgery. His aorta, the large artery attached to the heart’s left ventricle, was dissected or torn, causing an aortic aneurism, which means the artery risked exploding. Shortly after, with a champion attitude and determination to win, Cully was back to the top of his game and winning again.

Cully is renowned for introducing a “rock and roll” lifestyle to mountain biking and developing and designing innovative products such as flat and “clipless” pedals, handlebars, suspension systems, disc brakes, and custom painted helmets.

Today, Cully continues to innovate the sport, riding eBikes, with his family and friends. Cully is proud to be an All Kids Bike Ambassador as he and his wife are parents of two amazing girls.