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A portrait of All Kids Bike ambassador Dean Rotbart wearing a suit with a theater marquee in the background

Dean Rotbart

Host of Monday Morning Radio

Dean Rotbart is the nationally acclaimed host of Monday Morning Radio, a weekly business-to-business podcast that he has produced since 2012. The podcast, available on iTunes, features prominent small business owners and experts who share their advice on how to be more successful and satisfied in business.

Rotbart is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated former reporter and editor with The Wall Street Journal. He is also the author, along with his wife Talya, of the book, “Perfectly Ordinary, Yet Extraordinary: Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Others.” The book offers a roadmap to success for those individuals who seek to launch a homegrown charitable project.

Dean serves as the Chair and CEO of the Business News Visionary and Business News Luminary Awards program, which recognizes journalistic excellence.

He and Talya live in Denver near their adult children, both published authors, Maxwell and Avital.