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Scott Hagan

Cycling Enthusiast | Fundraising Champion | Owner, Shagan Pit BBQ

I am a single father of 3 adult children from South Dakota that loves to ride on 2 wheels any chance I get. I understand the focus and concentration that comes from doing this and how it becomes second nature and quite enjoyable in a short amount of time. I love supporting this program as I feel the same as everybody from ALL KIDS BIKE does about all the benefits that come from teaching our children young to ride properly. I am older now and all my bikes have motors but when I grew we rode our bicycles everywhere. Sadly this is a activity that is slowly going away and I would like to be a part of a bigger solution to helping with this. Having this program in Schools as a curriculum gives so much back to these kids in the future in so many ways. I guess this is why I helped fund 3 schools already and was the lead on the fundraising.