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Erik & Randi Pueschner

Owners of Smith’s Bike Shop

Erik and Randi Pueschner are the proud owners of Smith’s Bike Shop. Their passion is connecting people through biking by helping to build the local bike community. Their bike shop is truly a family of enthusiastic folks who share their love for biking with everyone they meet.

Erik grew up riding BMX and mountain bikes at an early age. As soon as he could get a job, he was in the local bike shop tinkering. He moved to La Crosse WI for college and found a great shop to work at, found awesome friends to bike with, and met a runner who he soon turned into a biker and later his wife. In 2016, he and his wife bought that bike shop and quickly embedded themselves into the local community. They have a grown son who loves to bike and a young daughter who has just mastered the art of pedaling.

While Erik runs the bike shop, Randi leads advocacy as the president of their local trails group, ORA Trails, sits on the Bike/Pedestrian committee for the city of La Crosse, and is a board member of the Wisconsin Bike Fed. She loves to help beginner cyclists find their love for biking, whether it’s leading road bike rides, coaching mountain bike rides, or teaching young kids to ride for the first time.