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A portrait of All Kids Bike ambassador Hallie Jones

Hallie Jones

Executive Director, Laguna Canyon Foundation

Hallie Jones is the Executive Director of the Laguna Canyon Foundation, a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the 22,000 acres of open space surrounding Laguna Beach. Hallie was born and raised in Laguna Canyon and is passionate about inspiring people people to protect the land we all love. She has worked in conservation since 2001, spending over a decade in marine conservation at Santa Monica-based Heal the Bay before joining Laguna Canyon Foundation as Executive Director in 2013. She has a bachelor’s degree in literature from UCLA, and if she wasn’t so dedicated to the natural world, she’d probably be an author. Hallie sits on the board of the Natural Communities Coalition and is a member of the Safe Trails Coalition. She is an avid hiker, trail runner, and camper.

She lives in Laguna with her two children and a Labrador retriever named Atticus. Her commitment to making our wild spaces accessible to people from all walks of life, while protecting the very habitat the land supports, starts with encouraging responsible recreation in children. She’s proud to support access to bikes for all children through All Kids Bike.