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A black and white photo of All Kids Bike ambassador

Jamie Robinson

Motorcycle Traveler | Former Racer – World Championship Series, Pike’s Peak, & Isle of Man TT

Born and raised in the UK by a motorcycle obsessed father, Jamie developed a love for two wheels at a young age and has never looked back. After leaving school, Jamie embarked on a racing career that took him into the 250cc World Championship series, as well as the Isle of Man TT. After his racing career, he swapped his racing leathers for adventure gear and now tours the world on his motorcycle, promoting motorcycle riding and inspiring others to get out there and “just go for a ride.” His adventures are posted for all to enjoy at and his MotoGeo YouTube channel.

Now a father himself to a young boy, Jamie has seen firsthand the many benefits of the Strider Balance Bike and is thrilled to be on board as an Ambassador for All Kids Bike.