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A portrait of All Kids Bike ambassador Janette Thornley

Janette Thornley

Professional Motorcycle Drag Racer

Driven to inspire others to pursue their dreams, motorcycle racer Janette Thornley lives her life with purpose. A believer, a champion racer, and a motivational speaker she is focused on utilizing her unique platform to instill passion in others. With many years of competitive experience and 4-National Pro Fuel Motorcycle Championships thus far, she is one of a select few female racers licensed to pilot a nitro burning motorcycle. Standing on a solid foundation her future goals are clear; become the first woman to win on a Top Fuel Motorcycle.

In addition to her on-track successes, Janette is also a motivational speaker, a certified coach, and a leadership trainer. Her desire to influence on a large scale is a driving force behind her speaking engagements.

As co-owner of Vital Brew, a new and innovative coffee brand, Janette continues to find unique ways to influence consumers on behalf of her sponsor partners.