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Denise Steenstra

PE Teacher with Liberty Oaks Elementary, Kansas City, MO

“The first week of this program I had kids crying because they were scared. I also had kids walking slowly with their bike repeating mantras like “I can do this” and “Look I’m doing it.” By the second week, I had zero kids crying and all kids have improved their balance and most importantly their confidence. The kids are so excited for PE and bike time.

I am truly enjoying watching my kids grow in not ONLY their physical skills, but their emotional and social skills as well. They come into the gym eager to help their fellow classmates put on their helmets, so they can get going. They are becoming more confident each week. The confidence building is by far my favorite part. This is the longest unit we have ever had and it’s refreshing and new. I am so glad that Liberty Oaks is a part of the All Kids Bike Program.”