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John Andrus jumping BMX bike in front of large crowd

John Andrus

Cycling Enthusiast | Director at StuntDudes

Cycling is John Andrus’s life as he has had the pleasure of using BMX bikes to spread positive messages across the world for the last 15 years. He’s brought his bike with him on OVER 65 international trips! John grew up in a pretty small town in Wisconsin, but once he was able to see the potential in which bikes can be used, he had no choice but to hit the road and embrace the travel life. He now lives with his wife in Joplin, Missouri where his full-time job is putting on stellar BMX bike performances with the StuntDudes.

“I love bikes! All Kids Bike is an amazing program that brings a healthy and fun activity to the kids. In this era of never-ending distraction on screens, it’s the perfect time to teach kids how fun it is to get outside and bike!”