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A portrait of All Kids Bike ambassador Kat Sweet with dyed pink hair and a trucker hat and bikes in the background

Kat Sweet

Former Professional Downhill Mountain Bike Racer | X Games Ski Competitor

There’s nothing quite like the rush of sticking a new jump for the first time, or of cleaning a gnarly section of trail that’s been challenging you, and no one knows that better than Kat Sweet. A former professional downhill mountain bike racer and X-Games ski competitor, Sweet has a passion for introducing this exhilarating experience to everyone.

As the creator of the mountain bike program, Sweetlines, Kat recognizes the importance of using camaraderie to build courage in her programs and push riders to the next level.

“I started Sweetlines to inspire and empower riders to learn about life through mountain biking. Ride like you can.”

Sweet produces events that mesh coaching with competition—such as the Sugar Showdown—and spends countless hours building and restoring mountain bike trails. She produced and starred in the movies, The Sisterhood of Shred, If She Can Do It, and was a guest rider in the movie Pedal Driven, and has been featured in numerous articles in Bike Magazine, Decline, Freehub, Wide Open Mag UK, ESPN Brazil, Momentum, NW Cyclist and Dirt Rag.

If you ever want to improve your dirt shredding skills or simply have fun riding trails, Sweet will gladly show you the way.