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All Kids Bike amabassador Kevin Baxter

Kevin Baxter

Owner, Go Fast Industries | Pro Twin Performance | Baxter’s Garage

Kevin built his first engine at 9 years old with an old hardback “Motors” manual in his dad’s garage, and has been a part of virtually all disciplines of high performance engines since. While pursuing an education as a mechanical engineer, his experience developed into a career building race cars and restoring high end muscle cars. As a master engine designer and builder, he went on to design super high performance race/street engines, components and fuel injection systems as a consultant for professional engine builders and vehicle manufacturers.

Over 10 years ago, Kevin was on a mission to find engine components to make his Electra Glide run like his classic muscle cars did. He decided to create his own style and blend of performance and reliability, which led to the opening of Pro Twin Performance Products and Baxter’s Motorcycle Garage. Since that time, his parent company GoFast Industries, Inc has developed a worldwide reputation for quality and integrity. In his quest to get the most out of his motorcycle and engine designs, his relationship with technology companies and parts manufacturers grew into consulting roles. Kevin has been involved with development, testing, and design of hundreds of products for numerous companies throughout the world.