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A headshot of All Kids Bike ambassador Steve Piehl

Steve Piehl

Retired Harley-Davidson Executive | Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame

From his role in creating the Harley Owners Group to his leadership in launching a brand experience for Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle, it’s ALWAYS about the customer.

In his 35 years with Harley-Davidson, Steve exercised his passion for motorcycling and consumer interaction in a variety of marketing and business development roles. Creating the Harley Owners Group was the assignment of a lifetime and ultimately earned him a spot in the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum’s Hall of Fame. But if you ask Steve, you’ll hear about other assignments he’s proud of as well. Like leading the team that created H-D’s first web site and moving the company’s Communications Department into the digital age. Developing a team of over 50 staff members responsible for every marketing activity that interacts with consumers, from events to racing to rider training. Or using his energy and passion for guiding H-D’s customer experience strategies for the future.

Today, Authentic CX, LLC, is the avenue that he uses to share his knowledge and skills with a variety of partners. The consultancy’s focus on customer experience, communications, and business development serves clients inside and outside the motorcycle industry.

Steve is an innovation-focused leader who uses his speaking ability to drive change. As a keynote speaker, he’s pushed thousands of HOG chapter officers to become servant leaders for their chapters. At the Next Generation Customer Experience conference in 2017, he spoke about creating raving fans. At the following year’s conference, he shared thoughts about leveraging a brand’s “fun” to create lasting connections.

Whether it’s traffic-driving communication, thought leadership for building businesses and brands, or design and implementation of impactful marketing programs, Steve’s been there, driven by a single thought… It’s always about the customer.