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All Kids Bike ambassador Trey Hinton does a backflip on a BMX bike.

Trey Hinton

Cycling Enthusiast | Law Enforcement Professional

Trey Hinton, along with his wife Melissa, is a dedicated parent to two children and a beloved black lab/blue heeler mix named Lola Bear. With over 13 years of service as a Detective in the Charlotte Police Department, Trey has displayed unwavering commitment to the field of law enforcement.

Trey’s passion for two-wheeled adventures began with BMX riding in his early teens, thanks to his lifelong friends known as “The Capital Crew.” Their carefree fun on bikes transformed into a drive to excel, achieving sponsorships, magazine features, and video appearances. These experiences instilled in them the values of determination and hard work, which later guided their careers and family lives.

In those early years, riding bikes turned from fun and an opportunity to hang out, to progressing their skills to become sponsored, and appear in magazines and videos. What “The Capital Crew” later realized, was that the hard work they put into learning their new tricks and a desire to be better tomorrow, would transfer into their adult lives, career paths, and families.

For Trey, cycling became more than just a pastime; it became a lifeline for stress relief and a source of physical well-being. His children, too, found joy in cycling, mastering the art of riding on Strider Balance Bikes before they even turned three years old.

Trey acknowledges the profound impact of the Strider Education Foundation and the All Kids Bike Learn-to-Ride Kindergarten PE Program. He stands as living proof of how childhood experiences on bikes can seamlessly translate into various facets of life. Whether it’s the commitment to learning something new or the pursuit of ambitious goals, the lessons learned through cycling serve as a blueprint for success. The satisfaction of hard-earned achievements is a reward that he cherishes.

Trey looks forward to the opportunity to share his passion and experience with more children, igniting their love for cycling and helping them discover the life-enhancing benefits that pedal-powered adventures can offer.