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All Kids Bike ambassador Tyler Klassen alongside his motorcycle with a pond in the background

Tyler Klassen

Founder, Riders for Striders

Tyler Klassen has a passion for adventure and trials motorcycles. In 2013, this passion prompted Tyler to create “Riders for Striders,” an adventure motorcycle charity ride. The proceeds from “Riders for Striders” charity ride purchase Strider Bikes for Gigi’s Playhouse; a Down Syndrome Achievement Center, and Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, both in Indianapolis. To date, Riders for Striders has given away over 170 Strider Bikes to children.

Tyler first discovered Strider Bikes over eight years ago when he purchased one for his 18-month-old son, Benjamin. Every evening Tyler likes to take his family for bike rides; it is because of the Strider Bike Benjamin was riding a pedal bike before he was three years old without ever needing training wheels. When not riding motorcycles, Tyler manages his son’s hockey team, organizes Stoney Lonesome Motorcycle Club’s “Buffaloe 500” AMA National Dual Sport and Adventure Ride, and is also a pilot for FedEx Express. With all of that keeping him busy, Tyler still finds time to ride bikes with his family and neighbors.