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The All Kids Bike® Early Learning classes are typically
taught at preschools, parks and recreation centers, or
through private instruction for riders 18 months to 5
years old. The Riding Basics program teaches beginners
the early stages of riding and balancing on a Strider Bike,
and the Racing Techniques program is designed for more
advanced riders to prepare for friendly competition.

Riding a bike has been shown to boost the self-confidence of children, instills a love of the outdoors, and fosters friendships with other children.

Nonprofit organizations will receive a complete Early Learning Program which includes:

5-Lesson Curriculum

Fleet of various sized Strider Bikes

Fully Adjustable Helmets

Continuing support

The All Kids Bike team will work with you to build a custom fleet of bikes to fit your organization’s needs. 

When kids master biking early in life, they tend to stick with it their whole life.



1.    Apply for the All Kids Bike Early Learning programs at: 

2.    Purchase Early Learning package including instruction and bikes.

3.    Take online training courses.

4.    All Kids Bike team will ship your bikes.

5.    Teach your class and give kids a lifelong love of riding!