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HDR Foundation Expands All Kids Bike Program to Empower Kindergarten Students in Roseville and Folsom 

Roseville, CA Feb. 26, 2024 – The HDR Foundation, in partnership with All Kids Bike, is delighted to announce the expansion of the All Kids Bike Learn-to-Ride Kindergarten PE Program to two elementary schools; Quail Glen Elementary in Roseville and Theodore Judah in Folsom. This initiative, made possible by a generous donation from the HDR Foundation, seeks to impart the joy of bike riding and promote essential life skills among young learners. 

In a demonstration of commitment to education, healthy communities and environmental stewardship, HDR has contributed $360,000 to All Kids Bike for the 2023-24 school year. This substantial donation will support 40 schools across the United States, specifically in areas where HDR employees live and work. The cumulative support from HDR to All Kids Bike now exceeds $500,000 over the past two school years. 

The comprehensive program includes teacher training and certification, a fleet of 24 bikes, pedal conversion kits, helmets, an instructional bike for teachers, two rolling storage racks, and access to a resource portal with live support for the duration of the program. Quail Glen celebrated the program’s introduction on behalf of both schools with a kickoff event alongside HDR. 

“Only one in four children will get on a bike in the course of a year, so learning this skill at such a young age is a tremendous opportunity,” said Holly Kennedy, HDR’s Northern California area operations manager. “HDR is grateful to be part of a program that promotes healthy habits and builds good memories for a lifetime.”  

Lisa Weyer, executive director of the Strider Education Foundation, expressed gratitude for the ongoing partnership with HDR, emphasizing the transformative impact of early bike riding education. “The ability to ride a bike not only develops physical and mental well-being, instilling confidence and fostering better classroom focus, but it also empowers children with a positive foundation for a lifelong skill. We are thrilled to be part of this ongoing journey with HDR, creating a ripple effect of positive change in communities nationwide.” 

At both elementary schools, this program will positively impact approximately 145 kindergarten students each year. With a lifespan of seven to 10 years for the equipment, it is estimated that up to 1,450 students will benefit from this initiative over the next decade. 

“Quail Glen is very fortunate to have been selected as an All Kids Bike grant recipient.” Shared Quail Glen Principal, Gina Nielsen. “Teaching our kindergarteners how to ride bikes through this program will help promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles at a young age. Implementing this program, thanks to our donor, HDR, will help to enhance children’s motor skills, fostering a sense of independence and confidence as they learn a fundamental life skill. A byproduct of the program encourages student social interaction and teamwork, helping to foster a supportive and inclusive school environment. Incorporating outdoor activities like bike riding contributes to a more holistic approach to education, touching upon both physical and mental well-being.”