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Scheels to fund All Kids Bike Program to Empower Kindergarten Students in Reno, NV at Rita Cannan Elementary School 

[Reno, Nevada, February 6, 2024]: All Kids Bike, the national nonprofit teaching kindergarten students how to ride bikes in PE class, is activating their All Kids Bike Learn-To-Ride Kindergarten PE Program at Rita Cannan Elementary School, thanks to a generous donation from Scheels. 

The comprehensive program includes teacher training and certification, a fleet of 24 bikes, pedal conversion kits, helmets, an instructional bike for teachers, two rolling storage racks, and access to a resource portal with live support for the duration of the program. Rita Cannan Elementary School celebrated the introduction of the program with a kickoff event alongside Scheels attendees, who had the opportunity to build the bikes for the program beforehand .  

“Call us old fashioned, but we believe riding a bike should be something everyone has the opportunity to experience,” says Amy Adams with Scheels. “We are happy to partner with an organization like All Kids Bike to be able to provide their program to an area that otherwise might not have the chance to learn how to ride a bike.” 

Lisa Weyer, executive director of the Strider Education Foundation, expressed gratitude for the partnership with Scheels, emphasizing the transformative impact of early bike riding education. “The ability to ride a bike not only develops physical and mental well-being, instilling confidence and fostering better classroom focus, but it also empowers children with a positive foundation for a lifelong skill. We are so appreciative of this partnership with Scheels.” 

At Rita Cannan Elementary School, this program will positively impact approximately 50 kindergarten students each year. With a lifespan of 7-10 years for the equipment, it is estimated that up to 500 students will benefit from this initiative over the next decade.   

“Rita Cannan Elementary School is a Title I school in Reno, Nevada and 100% of our students receive Free and reduced lunch. The students in our community come from low-income families and/or from trauma impacted homes. A few years ago, our school was rezoned, which put all of our students within the walking zone requirement. This has caused a big challenge because some of our students who were used to riding a bus, now have to walk as far as 1.25 miles to get to school,” Principal Mares states, recognizing the importance of his students learning to ride a bike.  “The All Kids Bike program is blessing in disguise. This will allow us to teach our students how to ride bike at an early age so that they are prepared to ride a bike when they are at the appropriate age to do so.” 

Scheels and All Kids Bike are committed to enriching the lives of young learners and cultivating valuable skills through the joy of bike riding. This collaborative effort exemplifies their dedication to building healthier, happier communities, one pedal at a time.