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SCHEELS to fund All Kids Bike Program to Empower Kindergarten Students in West Valley City, Utah at Academy Park Elementary 

[WEST VALLEY CITY, UT, MARCH 26, 2024]: All Kids Bike, the national nonprofit teaching kindergarten students how to ride bikes in PE class, is activating their All Kids Bike Learn-To-Ride Kindergarten PE Program at Academy Park Elementary School, thanks to a generous donation from SCHEELS. 

The comprehensive program includes teacher training and certification, a fleet of 24 bikes, pedal conversion kits, helmets, an instructional bike for teachers, two rolling storage racks, and access to a resource portal with live support for the duration of the program. Academy Park Elementary celebrated the program’s introduction with a kickoff event alongside SCHEELS attendees. 

Recognizing the impact of children learning to ride a bike, Brooklyn Mena of SCHEELS stated, “We could not be more thrilled to be involved in the gifting of these bikes to make a positive impact in these children’s lives. They are our future and we want to contribute to their health and wellness success in any way we can!” 

Lisa Weyer, executive director of the Strider Education Foundation, expressed gratitude for the partnership with Scheels, emphasizing the transformative impact of early bike riding education. “Mastering the art of riding a bike not only cultivates physical fitness and mental resilience but also nurtures confidence, sharpens focus in the classroom, and lays the groundwork for a lifelong passion. Our collaboration with SCHEELS underscores our commitment to empowering children with essential skills for success and well-being.” 

At Academy Park Elementary, this program will positively impact approximately 58 kindergarten students each year. With a lifespan of 7-10 years for the equipment, it is estimated that up to 580 students will benefit from this initiative over the next decade.   

 “I am looking forward to the opportunity to teach cycling to our kindergarteners here at Academy Park Elementary for a number of reasons. For one, I love the idea of promoting an activity that gets them outside and promotes spending time with others, whether it be family or friends,” says Glenn Leach, P.E. Specialist at Academy Park Elementary. “Additionally, there are the numerous health benefits, both physically as well as mentally. As a fun and rather inexpensive form of exercise, cycling provides a means of increasing their overall well-being, eliminating their stress and anxiety, as well as providing a means of improving their motor skills, balance and spatial awareness. Cycling has an appeal to students of all ages, so to have the means to promote cycling and provide the opportunity to develop their skills, abilities and confidence at an early age is something I am looking forward to. To those at All Kids Bike, SCHEELS, and to all who are a part of this, thank you! I am looking forward to reporting of the success we aspire to achieve!” 

SCHEELS and All Kids Bike are committed to enriching the lives of young learners and cultivating valuable skills through the joy of bike riding. This collaborative effort exemplifies their dedication to building healthier, happier communities, one pedal at a time.