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Rene Creed

Board Member

Rene currently serves as president of Living Life on 2 Wheels and owner of Pedal’n Pi. Rene is motivated by family, wellness, and giving EVERYONE the opportunity to share a love for two wheels.

Being number 7 out of 10 in a motorcycle family, a foundation and appreciation for the outdoors and two wheels was instilled in Rene. Family, nature and the experience of adventure is what has lead her to where she is today.  After 25 year in the motorcycle industry and owning and running Gateway Harley Davidson for 9 years, Rene decided there was more for her to explore. Her and her husband, Cris, sold their dealership and put all focus on their family (8 children) and the families they could impact. Twelve years later they are heavily involved in the road cycling scene with their amateur team, Gateway Devo Cycling. This journey showed them, first hand, the impacts of cycling on young men as they became advocates for others and for personal leadership. This sport takes a mindset that balances between undoubtable strength and confidence to be able to be selfless. Giving more kids this opportunity became the driver and with their non profit, Living Life on 2 Wheels. Chris and Rene have put the All Kids Bike Program into 15 schools and counting. Rene and her small team are working to fund 30 more schools that are interested in getting kids on two wheels in thier area. They believe that the experience of falling and getting back up and persevering is foundational, especially between the ages of 5-10.

“Kids need to be in nature and electronics put to the side. The mental, physical and spiritual well being of our future depends on this.”

In May 2021, Rene and Chris opened Pedal’n Pi, a woodfire pizza restaurant serving up bicycles. Their vision is to connect with their community, as small business owners, providing an amazing experience while adding more needed culture to the area by servicing, selling and promoting bicycles. They take in used bike donations and clean them up for the nonprofit to donate to children and adults in need. They also lead camps to teach and give the special needs community the adventure of cycling.

“Building an inclusive culture around cycling within my hometown, and continuing to spread, what I see, as a necessity across the Country, is how I will change the world 2 wheels at a time.”