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Ryan McFarland


Ryan is the Founder, President, CEO, and Chief Enthusiast of Strider Sports International, founded in Rapid City in 2007.

Ryan is an entrepreneur with a passion for mountain biking and motor sports. Ryan grew up with a grandfather who was a race car engineer and a father who owned a motorcycle dealership. Early exposure to cars, motorcycles, and racing influenced Ryan to ride dirt bikes and mountain bikes, as well as race go-karts and stock cars. Ryan invented the U.S. Patented Thudbuster suspension seat post for bicycles and a U.S. Patented suspension system for wheelchairs.

Ryan’s passion for spending time with his family, riding on two wheels, and teaching his children how to ride led to his invention of the Strider® Bike. Strider® Sports International, Inc. was formed in January 2007 in Rapid City, South Dakota, and has since sold over 3 million Strider® Bikes worldwide. Ryan McFarland is still the Founder, President, CEO, and Chief Enthusiast.

Ryan McFarland, wearing a yellow and black Strider bike jersey and blue jeans, demonstrates how to ride a balance bike during an outdoor event