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KEEN Kids Launches All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Program at Two Local Elementary Schools

Woodlawn Elementary School and James John Elementary School will be teaching every child how to ride a bike in kindergarten PE class 

Portland, OR (5/23/2022) –  KEEN, Inc. (KEEN), the global footwear brand on a mission to make the outside inclusive and accessible to all, has partnered with All Kids Bike ®, a national movement that aims to teach every child in America how to ride a bike by placing learn-to-ride programs in kindergarten Physical Education classes. Woodlawn Elementary School and James John Elementary School kindergartners received donations of 24 new Strider® Balance Bikes from KEEN as part of the All Kids Bike initiative. The donation of the All Kids Bike® Kindergarten PE Learn-To-Ride Program, includes Strider Learn-To-Ride Bikes, helmets, and curriculum.

The KEEN bike deliveries included a bike reveal in front of an excited group of kindergartners. The students were surprised with the fleet of bikes and had the opportunity to take them for a spin.

“Learning to ride a bike is one of life’s most exhilarating milestones and we believe that every child should have the opportunity to share in that experience,” said Justin McDonald, Director of Marketing for KEEN Kids. “At KEEN our mission is to make the outside accessible to all both through the footwear we design, and the partners we support. Strider and the All Kids Bike movement fully align with that mission.”

This partnership is the latest in a long line of KEEN’s values-based, philanthropic programs called the KEEN Effect. In the company’s first year of business, the company’s advertising budget was reallocated to provide tsunami relief in Southeast Asia. More recently, the footwear brand has provided humanitarian relief in Ukraine and forged partnerships with organizations like Outdoor Afro to improve access to the great outdoors for underserved communities. Since 2014, more than 133,700 kids have benefitted from high quality outdoor recreation and nature-based programs offered by KEEN partners.

KEEN recently released Speed Hound, a children’s shoe uniquely designed for kids learning how to ride a bike. To celebrate the Speed Hound launch and the All Kids Bike partnership, KEEN will be hosting bike building events across three locations where KEEN employee volunteers will assemble bikes and prep them for delivery to the participating schools.

KEEN employees helped to build 48 student bikes and 2 teacher instructor bikes for Portland elementary schools, James John and Woodland.

“KEEN Kids is the ideal partner for the All Kids Bike movement,” said Lisa Weyer, Executive Director of the Strider Education Foundation. “The company’s generous donation will help inspire the next generation of bike riders and bring us closer to our ultimate goal of teaching every child in America how to ride a bike.”

The generosity of KEEN will equip physical education teachers at each school with everything needed to teach thousands of kids the life skill of riding a bike!

The All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Program boasts an inclusive, proven Learn-To-Ride curriculum that offers every child the opportunity to experience the joy of two wheels. Launched in March 2018, there are already 588 schools across all 50 states, teaching hundreds of thousands of student show to ride over the next five years.

Learning to ride a bike at a young age increases confidence while developing balance, mobility, safety, environmental awareness, and facilitating exercise. The program includes a proven, integrative 8-lesson curriculum, staff training and certification, a fleet of Strider Learn-To-Ride Bikes, and helmets. The fleet of dual propulsion 14x Strider Bikes start as balance bikes and convert to pedal bikes.  The bikes used in the All Kids Bike program allow children and teachers to progress through the riding process void of fear and full of encouragement. Kids develop their skills with each session, first learning to balance, then learning to pedal, all on the same bicycle.

With every new school entered in the All Kids Bike program, more children across the country are learning life skills and getting much needed exercise while getting away from their computer screens and spending more time outdoors.

The Kindergarten PE Program supports critical health and safety needs, including:

  • Spatial awareness: Teaches the concept and understanding of “safe distancing” to a child.
  • Limited touch points: Specifically designated hand placement limits cross-class touch points.
  • Fosters overall health: Core muscle development, cardio activity, and mental motivation.

All Kids Bike® is a national movement led by the Strider® Education Foundation to place Kindergarten PE Learn-To-Ride Programs into public schools, using donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations. The All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Program boasts an inclusive, proven Learn-To-Ride curriculum that offers every child the opportunity to experience the joy of two wheels. Launched in March 2018, there are already 588 schools in 50 states teaching students how to ride a bike. Learn more at  

About KEEN
Driven by a passion to make the outside and trades accessible for all, KEEN is a values-led, family-owned footwear brand from Portland, Oregon, committed to creating original and versatile products, enhancing lives, and inspiring adventures outside. Founded in 2003, it launched a revolution in the footwear industry with the debut of the Newport adventure sandal. It continues to launch game-changing products and establish new standards for performance, comfort, and design while actively working to Detox the Planet. The brand formalized its values commitment under the banner of The KEEN Effect. Learn more at