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Smiling guys unloading Strider 14x Sports from back of bus for delivery day

Build the Stoke for your Build Day and Delivery Day!

As part of the All Kids Bike world, you’ll often hear how Build Day and Delivery Day are the best days, which is why you should celebrate and share these days with your community and your fans. 

build day

On build days, individuals of the community, school, or organization, assemble the fleet of bikes so they’re ready to ride. It’s an exciting time to learn the bikes and prepare for the big presentation.

On delivery days, the program is explained and there’s an opportunity to discuss the many benefits that biking has to offer. Most thrilling, is the presentation of a fleet of shiny new Strider Bikes to an audience of antsy children. Maybe they even get a chance to take them for a test run ;). 

Texas Delivery Day

Nothing quite compares to a community coming together to put smiles on kids faces. A gymnasium of happy kids really is second to none. Imagine a child’s face when they receive a bike on Christmas morning; now, imagine a room FULL of those faces.

Community members like to hear about what’s happening locally, especially the heart-warming, happy stuff. It’s important to recognize the school receiving the All Kids Bike Program as well as the donor/s who chose to generously place the program there.


Jeremy Ranch Elementary on Delivery Day

Whether you’re a donor or part of the school, this Press Toolkit will walk you through the steps of hosting a Bike Build Day or Delivery Day that’s anticipated by everyone involved. 

All Kids Bike Press Toolkit

Check out this highlight reel of Build and Delivery Days to see the potential YOU have to make the event epic