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Kindergarten PE Program – Tips For Success!

First, congratulations on completing the certification to teach the Kindergarten PE Learn-To-Ride Program! We hope you share our passion to teach kids early how to ride two wheels to put them on a healthy path for life!

Please watch the video below for important tips to get you started before your first class. 

Let’s start with the bike build –However your build happens, we recommend watching the assembly video before starting. It’s important to use the tools provided in the box with the bike rather than power tools! 

Bike Checklist–  Inspect each bike individually to make sure there is the proper amount of air in the tires, all bolts are tightened, and the wheels are spinning freely. 

Sizing the Bikes – Watch the sizing video to ensure each child has the right size bike and helmet. 

End of Curriculum– Take an inventory of parts, store them all together in labeled bins. This will help eliminate any lost or missing pieces when you get started again!  

We wish you success and most importantly lots of fun during your Kindergarten PE Learn-To-Ride Program!

For questions, please send an email to and one of our All Kids Bike team members will be happy to assist you.