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Fundraising Ideas

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Online Fundraising

  1. Share On Social Media

    Let people know you want to bring the Kindergarten PE Program to your school through social media. Share a post, tag your school, and gain support online!

  2. Contact Local News

    If opted on the application, All Kids Bike will send a press release to local news outlets. You can also contact the news and let them know why you want to bring the program to your school.

  3. Send A Flyer Home

    Do your students have take home folders or email blasts? Send a flyer home to your school community with information about your fundraising efforts!

Klamath Falls

Jason Hardrath

Approach Businesses

  1. Visit Local Businesses

    Introduce yourself and your fundraising efforts to local businesses who care and support the community. They can donate online or send a check to support your school’s program.

  2. Send A Letter

    The fundraising tool kit has a letter template designed to introduce the program to your community. Simply customize it to fit your school and community and mail it out!

  3. Send An Email

    Not into snail mail? No problem! You can send an email with the same letter template or an email appeal to your personal contacts. The more people who know about your program, the better!

A teacher helps a student put on a bike helmet

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy raised funds needed by using his phone to call members of his community, sharing about the Kindergarten PE Program and what it could do for the kids in Albertville, AL. 

Search For Local Funds

  1. Google It

    The easiest and first step would be simply googling “local community funds” near your city, state and determining if your program request fits their funding footprint.

  2. Apply For Community Funding

    Simply fill out a funding request and All Kids Bike will help by providing an itemization, program overview, or other requested information from the local foundation.

  3. Request PTA Support

    We know your PTA/PTO is likely supporting a ton of great projects, and this could be one of them. Ask your PTA/PTO to support this project, or to spearhead a fundraising event to gain the program.

  4. Ask District For Available Funds

    We know budgets can be limited, but sometimes there are funds in the budget that can be used for programs that promote physical activity and health. Ask your administrator if there is any available funding.

Nancy Blake

“My favorite part of the whole process was watching my idea come together, with enthusiastic community support, and now have kids feel SO POSITIVE about their ability to actually RIDE a BIKE!!”

Plan An Event

  1. School Fundraising Ideas

    You know your school community best, and there are several suggestions for successful fundraising activities. Get your families involved in a fun way to raise money for the program!

  2. Organize A Walk/Run

    All Kids Bike has hosted a virtual 7k event to fund programs off the waitlist and would be happy to provide resources to make a walk/run event possible at your school.

  3. Host A Gala, Auction, Or Gathering

    A silent auction, gala, or gathering can celebrate your school and raise funds. Host an event that brings people together with a passion to support the overall wellbeing of students at your school.

All Kids Bike 7k

Replicating the All Kids Bike 7k is a great way to get your community active for a great cause. 

All Kids Bike Ambassador Jody Perewitz at a sunny marina.

Jody Perewitz

Jody held a motorycle ride to raise funds to place the Kindergarten PE Program in local schools.