All Kids Bike National Ambassadors

Who Are National Ambassadors?

National Ambassadors are a group of motivated and dedicated people that are passionate about impacting the future on two wheels.

With ambassadors from various walks of life, each has been impacted by cycling somewhere along their unique journey. 

Our Ambassadors

These influential people support the All Kids Bike movement.

All Kids Bike National Ambassador cutting a ribbon

Gary Vernon

An avid mountain biker and off-road motorcyclist committed to making the state of Arkansas a world-class destination, Gary’s passion for biking spans nearly 50 years.
Portrait photo of Andrew Shim

Dr. Andrew Shim

A portrait of All Kids Bike ambassador Melissa Paris with her helmet under her arm

Melissa Paris

All Kids Bike ambassadors Rene and Chris Creed

Rene & Chris Creed

Eliot Jackson takes a break biking near a rocky outcrop

Eliot Jackson

What Are They Doing?

  • Spreading The Word

    Ambassadors share our mission through social media platforms, presentations, and word of mouth.

  • Attending A Bike Delivery

    Sharing in the joy of a bike delivery at a school is guaranteed to give anyone the feel-goods.

  • Starting A Fundraising Page

    Ambassadors can choose a school or area of interest and be the face and voice of their fundraising efforts!

  • Recruiting New Ambassadors

    Ambassadors recruit friends to join the movement and spread All Kids Bike awareness.



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